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"Most fundamentally, after all the considerations of
consciousness, the ego, the symbolism behind the fall of man
that this book explores, Purpose is a natural longing for a natural
order of things. It is about an Ideal still awaiting fulfillment, a
Promise that will allow the human heart to live in
ever-expanding, never-ending creative joy."

-- The Promise of Purpose.

The Promise of Purpose examines Purpose as an impulse from the
Heart of God that manifests throughout all creation. Poetically
speaking, Purpose is the Universe's agreement with Itself. Purpose
carries with it qualities and characteristics that reveal a natural,
intended order of things. Behind this order is an intention -- Purpose
-- and, most significantly, a Promise inherent in that intention.

The book explores how it is that the world today is one of an
unnatural, unintended order of things. This world lives in the shadow
of what it feels is a broken Promise. Most of humanity experiences life
through a pseudo-identity called the ego, forced upon it by the
turning away of humankind from Truth and reality. The world of ego is
called inversion because everything the ego perceives is literally a
mirror image -- an inversion -- of the natural, intended order of things.
When we understand how the ego inverts reality, we understand more
clearly the true patterns the ego so clumsily simulates. This brings us
closer to realizing true Purpose and the Promise behind it.

The Promise of Purpose also features the Scale of Purpose, a
measurement device that gauges Purpose as fields of energy. The
Scale can be used to calibrate people, thoughts, speech, actions, and
things in terms of their relative "movement" toward union with God.
Readers familiar with the work of Dr. David Hawkins will recognize a
similarity here with Hawkins' Map of Consciousness. While the
discovery of the Scale of Purpose was inspired by Hawkins' Map,
Promise of Purpose
is not intended to be a continuation or expansion
of Hawkins' teachings.

The book examines how it is that consciousness in and of itself is not
a reliable indicator of how a person will act. A person's overall level of
consciousness may be relatively high and still that person can commit
acts of much lower consciousness. At a given level of Purpose, on the
other hand, one's actions are always consistent with that level.

The Promise of Purpose explores how the ego and its world of
inversion came into being. Most significantly, it discusses the true
Promise of Purpose and how we can realize it.