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Those who've attended a Purpose presentation
know Shelley Edmondson. Shelley and Lou work
closely together on the Purpose work. Shelley is
also an accomplished author in her own right.

Shelley presently has two books dedicated to the
investigation of Jesus and the early Christian
church. Below are brief descriptions of her works.
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books, as well as
The Promise of Purpose.

Reconsidering Jesus
Reconsidering Jesus is an examination of the words
attributed to Jesus in the Gospels, as seen through the
eyes of the author, apart from biblical commentary or
usual theological bias. Shelley is a "typical" spiritual
seeker of her era who left the teachings of the
Christian church to explore and practice a number of
eastern spiritual paths and New Age philosophies. This
book is a look at Jesusí words from the distance
required to let go of the traditional way of hearing

In Search of the Way
In Search of The Way: Reconsidering the Apostolic
is a look at the church founded by Jesus the
Christ, His apostles and disciples, in the first century A.
D. The powerful teachings, faith, and miracles that
enabled thousands to endure martyrdom early on, and
indeed over the centuries since, cannot be the
literalist, Bible-thumping, theatrical shouting and
demanding folk we see on TV, can they? Nor can they
be the sit-down-stand-up, turn-to-page-431-in-your-
hymnal folk, or so it seems to me. And what of the
pomp and pageantry of some? I see no evidence of
that in the New Testament.

What did the earliest believers have that we don't? Did
they have some understanding that we are missing? Did
they have some teachings we are missing? Is the
church today anything like its humble beginnings? This
little book addresses these questions.
Shelley's books